Why Doodles?

After raising miniature schnauzers for years, what made us want to start breeding Goldendoodles and then Labradoodles as well?

We have actually always loved and admired the breeds. The fact that they have the calm demeanor and amazing personality from the golden retriever or English Labrador, and the pure intelligence from the poodle (not to mention how adorable they are), make them perfect family pet. We also really value the fact that they can be the perfect dog for someone, even if they have allergies and are very limited in allergy friendly breeds. We have had golden retrievers in the past and dearly missed having one in our family. We found Emma mid 2016 and ended up getting one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had. She is the most easy going dog and she is very submissive (even to our 3 pound yorkie)! She also turned out to be an amazing mother! We have used studs for our litters up to this point, but we now have a beautiful male Apricot standard poodle puppy that should be ready to sire a litter this coming summer!

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are the most popular service dog breeds and Standard Poodles are in the top 5 best breeds for service dogs. So it makes perfect sense that in the last 10 years, Doodles have become one of the most popular breeds to be trained to help those in need, especially those that need a loyal companion in more ways than one!

Another great thing about Goldendoodles? No shedding!! That's definitely a plus! And of course, the thing that got Goldendoodles popular in the first place is the fact that they are better for people with allergies. No dog will be 100% allergy free. All dogs have dander that people can get allergies from, but because they shed so little, they have much less dander- reducing allergic responses!


After searching for several months to find the perfect puppy, we finally did! Mid 2016 we picked her out at 4 weeks old, after watching the puppies for a long time, we wanted a sweet and submissive puppy and that's what we got! We picked her up a couple weeks later and she became part of our family!
Emma has a heart of gold. She plays with our 3 pound yorkie and even the schnauzer puppies, so gentle she hardly moves, so they pounce all over her while she either plays lightly with them or just ignores them and lays down for a nap 😂 She is just as patient with human babies and children, they can do anything to her and she stays her sweet, calm, gentle self. She also turned out to be an amazing mother! 💕

Emma in her "labor" pool, after a long night of giving birth to 11 beautiful puppies! (She gets moved to her large puppy-proof pool the next day.)

Emma being attacked by a 1 pound monster!😂