Lexi is the daughter of Bailey and Gibbs. She is CKC registered. She's a Platinum and has beautiful, soft hair. She is pretty small, but she is very stocky like her father so she weighs more, 11-12lbs. She is very much a momma's girl, she follows me everywhere. She is very intelligent like her father. Super fast learner. She was fully potty trained by 9 weeks old. She loves cuddling, a total snugglebug!


Bailey is CKC registered and white in color. She is a very sweet, content dog. She is very calm and gentle with everyone, including kids. She's an amazing mom, and has been since day one. She's extremely laid back and can be lazy, but she is also a tomboy and loves to explore outside. She is very good at communicating with us when she needs to go potty or is out of water, etc, which is nice! Her favorite thing is taking a nap next to her people!


Harper is also the daughter of Bailey and Gibbs. CKC registered. She's a year younger than Lexi. Harper is extremely small for a schnauzer, around 8 pounds or less. She is very petite and lengthy instead of stocky like her sister. She has the biggest personality of any dog I've ever seen. She talks to people similar to how a husky does. She coos and does little noises when you talk to her. She makes me laugh constantly. Just like Lexi she follows me everywhere. She will not sleep unless she is touching me. She has had one litter as of Oct 21, 2017 and all 5 babies were born very small. She turned out to be an amazing mother just like her mom and sister!