Puppy B

Born Oct 21, 2017     Parents: Harper & Rowdy
"We love her and she has such a cute personality. She is well loved! She is special at our house and beautiful."

Puppy D

Born Oct 21, 2017     Parents: Harper & Rowdy


Born April 25, 2015 and is 9 pounds fully grown.


Born April 23, 2014

(Orange) AKA Daisy

Born April 25, 2015

(Green) AKA Gunner

Born April 25, 2015 

"Oh he fits in perfectly! My oldest said "thank you, thank you! He's the perfect dog for our family." He's in love.

I can't thank you enough.  We have waited for so long to get a dog and I'm really glad we did - Gunner is perfect for our little family."

Lexi and Harper

Born April 25, 2015 and May 14, 2016

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A few of our past puppies without adult pictures: