We have compiled a huge list of our favorite dog/puppy supplies to help get you ready for your new family member!

We are NOT sponsored by any of these products or companies, and we don't get a cut of the money. We just decided to make a page dedicated to the supplies we recommend to our new puppy owners! We did just become an Amazon affiliate, which means if you click on our links we get a small commission from Amazon, no matter the product.

Dog food and treats:

This is what we feed our puppies, so you need to get at least one bag! You can slowly introduce a different food over a couple weeks, though we highly reccomend keeping your puppy on this food for a year and then upgrading to the adult formula! We have tested many brands over the years and our dogs seem to do best with Blue Buffalo.

Kennels & beds

FOR THE SCHNAUZERS (and all little dogs) we have found that the best kennel is not a kennel at all! It's actually a plastic bottom rabbit cage! I've always hated metal crates, especially when we had to use them as a whelping box. We finally got the idea of using a rabbit/guinea pig cage because the bottom plastic part comes up quite high and no puppies could escape as newborns! Not to mention its a thousand times easier to clean! Now we use rabbit cages instead of wire crates whenever possible. 


Household items:




We found out about this toy from several of our customers! Though we personally haven't tried it, I've been told by multiple people that it seemed to really help and comfort their puppy with kennel training!