Sales Policy

Please read this over and agree to the policy before contacting me. 

If you contact me, you have agreed to these terms.

  • We, as the breeder, can refuse a sale to anyone at any time.
  • If you inquire about a puppy and no money has been put down, that puppy is still for sale.  Example: if you email and are interested in a puppy but have not put a deposit down on him/her, it's still available. It is first come, first serve. 
  • Once I receive your deposit, we will then arrange a time and date that the puppy can be picked up.
  • Your deposit will be refunded if we refuse the sale for any reason. However, if you, the buyer, put a deposit down on a puppy, and you change your mind for any reason at all, your deposit will not be refunded.  
  • Puppies need to be picked up within 3 days from the date they are ready or there will be a $10.00 per day charge until you pick him/her up.
  • If you don't pick up your puppy after 7 days from when they were ready to go home (and no prior arrangements have been made with the seller), the puppy will be put back up for sale and you will not get your deposit back.
  • All puppies are pick-up only. We do not ship.
  • Remainder of balance owed needs to be paid in cash or Paypal when you pick the puppy up. If the remainder of the balance (not the down payment) is paid with Paypal it is an extra %15 fee.
  • Puppies are not to be taken out in public or anywhere other dogs have been (excluding a vets office) until it has had all 4 sets of puppy shots and is over 12 weeks old. This is in order to protect it from getting parvo and other diseases that unvaccinated puppies are susceptible to.
  • When you buy one of our puppies, you agree to get the puppy all the vaccinations  it will need over it's lifetime. 
  • The buyer(s) shall provide proper nutrition, vet care, shelter, and exercise. The pup shall be socialized properly after all immunizations given, to include other people outside the family, other dogs, and strange places. Obedience classes are recommended by the breeder. 
  • Breeding clause for our Schnauzers:  Starting in 2018 all pets will go home with Birth Certificates Only. We currently do not sell our miniature schnauzer puppies with breeding rights.
  • Breeding clause for our Doodles: Our doodles do not come with breeding rights normally. If you want breeding rights you can ask for an interview, and if approved, it's $500 to receive full breeding rights (and you will keep the 2 year health guarantee of course).
  • If you let your dog get bred and have puppies without receiving breeding rights when you buy the puppy from us, legal action will be pursued by the breeder unless you A. return the dog to us or B. pay us a fee of $2,500. The health guarantee will also be completely void.
  • If for some reason you can not keep the puppy/dog anymore (at ANY time) you MUST return the dog to us right away. Legal action will be pursued if you give the puppy/dog away or sell it without permission from the breeder.
  • Guarantee: This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of the seller’s knowledge. If he/she wishes, the buyer has 1 week, from the date of ownership in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM THAT CANNOT BE RECTIFIED, you may return the puppy to us, at your expense, on the day following the vet exam, along with a veterinarian’s statement stating the problem. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy or a replacement puppy (if one is available). (Exclusion: This does not include the presence of parasites and also does not apply to a health problem resulting from an injury or accident due to your negligence), the following provisions will be honored. All medical and travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 
  • 2 Year health guarantee: A two year replacement guarantee will be given from date of birth, in the event a life threatening genetic defect were to be found or if it were to take the life of your dog/puppy before its second birthday, the purchase price of your puppy would go towards another C.K.V  puppy. Yearly vet visits/vaccines are required for this guarantee to be honored and records must be shown for proof. A necropsy must be done on any deceased dog/puppy. This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect, or if the buyer fails to maintain annual check-ups with a qualified veterinarian. Puppy/dog must stay on Nuvet vitamins for 2 full years, if not this guarantee is void. If said puppy was sold as pet-only, with no breeding rights, the puppy must be spayed or neutered before 1 year of age. If your puppy is not fixed by its 1st birthday, this contract will be completely void. Proof of said maintenance must be furnished upon request. This guarantee is non-transferable.