Schnauzer Colors,


What Are The Differences?

There are a crazy amount of colors and variations of schnauzers, so I am only going to be talking about the ones that we have and produce.

What are the differences between a Platinum and a 


Bailey is a White schnauzer. She was born white and that hasn't changed at all through the years.

Lexi however, a Platinum was born brown and then started to lighten more and more until she was pure white.

Some Platinums get white but still have a little dark in some areas like the face. (The following is not my picture.)

A Platinum is just a very light version of a Salt & Pepper. One of our studs is pictured below, he is a Salt & Pepper. Though they can range from almost black to almost white! They are born black and brown, the more brown they have on them the lighter they will be as an adult. All the brown hair will turn white as they get older.

Black and silver schnauzers  have solid black bodies with white markings on their eyebrows, muzzle, inside the ears, across the chest, feet and underneath the tail. They also are born black and brown instead of white. This brown will turn into silvery white as they get older.

Solid Blacks are entirely black with a black undercoat, they may have a small white patches on their chest, chin, and feet.

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